last recordings (oct11)

by Ape Attack


Ape Attack Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: 01 - Getting Away
It happend again / the wrong decisions were made
bored and frustrated / I'm so tired of this place
the walls around me they seem to collapse on me
I'm loosing control / just get me out of here

and I...I'm so tired of this sick routine
searching the ticket wich gets my ass out of here

JUST...Getting Away
JUST...Getting Away
JUST...Getting Away
JUST...Getting Away
Track Name: 02 - Fake
You're so straight but I prove you fake
snake words on a mission to manipulate
I don't follow / I don't believe
fuck your shit / this is not for me
you talk too much / you just spit out shit
your point of view I don't wanna hear
your perception is fucked up / get out of my way
just stop talking you can't deceive me
dropping bomb / send my mind on a rampage
toxic lies / a never ending fake

you're nothing more than a hypocrit
and it does not take much time to BREAK YOUR MASK
how can you move on / you never get real
take a look in the mirror / do you like what you see?
You won't save the princess / you dropped all your coins
your game is over / the ape has won
Track Name: 03 - Panic
Its going down / they flush it down
there is no bright end in sight
corporations gonna melt our skin
poisoned seas and poisoned trees

you'd better get off that ship now
cause we're all gonna drown in the...

PANIC.. we're going down
PANIC.. the time ran out

there is no escape for y'all
don't think you survive the doom
now you have to pay the bill
suffocate in the panic

bombs explode / the rape goes on
leaders fall / the people strike
markets collapse / cash values gone
barrels of blood sold for a sick price
Track Name: 04 - No Support
you...spit in my face again
suit and tie guy / puppet on a string
destroy th eworld with your hypocrit hands
you act in the name of your god
faith blinded your side
as long as folks think that you are right

you.. spit in my face again
polluting the minds / the people just swallow
too numb for a change / its all near to the meltdown

past showed nothing will change
the machine roll on and stays the same
except: its no support from us
cause we are not playing your game

wake up from that bad trip
Track Name: 05 - Together
tonight we are gonna make it happen/ get our guts together and
see how we gonna handle / the pressure of the world
this night means fucking much / with you on my sight this night will be a blast

cause tonight..we ain't gonna fuck shit up
at least we try..tonight
tear it up / try to move things better
get rid of forces its a must
that smile makes me looking forward

we aint't gonna fuck this up
at least we try we tear it up
get rid of forces / have a blast
tonight its just us

tonight we are glowing / gonna tear it up
double negative / we're make it a fucking blast
Track Name: 06 - Waste Of Time
plastic world scum / fucked up ignorant kid
you'd better off lying / you'd better be dead
clones of yours surrounding me
I don't eat what you're pretending to be
your are just a waste of time
bitching.. hiding.. faking.. lying..
you are wasting my time

I see in your eyes / I hear in your words
you won't get a single bit / plastic world kid
please leave this place cause you fucking suck

do me a favour just get fucking lost
cause you are just a waste of my time
Track Name: 07 - Cut It Down
don't you fucking get it
cut it down / cut it fucking down
I am sick and tired / of your words
of that silly words / shoot like needles to my brain

leave me alone / step the fuck away
I don't want you around me
Track Name: 08 - Fill Me Up
lets get wild, crack the bottle, fill me up!
I wanna escape on a river of golden love
you spent your time on paint the „X“
I lift myself with a bunch of six packs

what the hell..holy brew
for good I forgot that I met you

the pressure rises give me a shot
tonight is the night / we tear things up
beer, wodka, jäger doesn't matter anymore

I just want to fuck myself up
we gonna drink till all thoughts are lost
boy love / girl love doesn't matter anymore
litres of booze for the alcoholic crew!